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Department of Transportation Assessment and Referral Service

To help ensure public safety, the Department of Transportation has implemented regulations to test, assess, and treat alcohol and drug use in commercially licensed drivers and other employees in safety sensitive positions. Testing includes:

  • Pre-employment testing
  • Post-accident testing
  • Random testing
  • Reasonable suspicion testing
  • Return-to-duty testing
  • Follow-up testing

If testing is positive for drugs or alcohol, an employee is required to receive assessment, referral, and follow-up services from a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

Avail Solutions has an experienced Substance Abuse Professional on-site to assist employers and employees in obtaining a timely assessment and coming to a successful resolution if a situation arises. Our caring and knowledgeable professionals will ensure an employee is safely returned to the job as soon as possible.

Because we know how difficult lost time is for both the employee and the employer, Avail Solutions staff members are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to schedule an assessment with our Substance Abuse Professional.