Avail Solutions, Inc. is a behavioral service organization specializing in crisis hotline and intake screenings for county mental health services and suicide prevention. English / Español

Intake Screenings for Appointments and Walk-ins

Avail Solutions offers professional intake screening for appointments. Our telephone screening programs range from supportive services for clinical offices to screenings for Mental Health Organizations. Our QMHP staff will provide an initial screening in which the staff will obtain client's demographic information, assess for lethality, and determine reason for the requested services. Based on the customized procedures provided by the contracted agency, our staff will either provide an appointment, walk-in information, or a referral for futher services.

We pride ourselves on being accessible, efficient, accurate and cost effective. Our phone-based screening and appointment services are accessible to individuals in your service area. All documented screenings and appointment calls are recorded according to your specifications and available to your agency or office by 9:00 am the next business day. Our professional staff ensures that all information is obtained, documented and provided to you in the timeliest manner possible. Because Avail has a fully staffed department of Qualified Mental Health Professionals (QMHP), in most cases we are able to provide more cost effective programs due to economies of scale.

Avail Solutions invites you to contact us by phone or e-mail to further explore how our intake screening and appointment management services can be another solution on the road to your success.

Avail Solutions provides walk-in services in Smith County. If a client needs to see a mental health professional due to a crisis, they can contact 903-412-3418 to advise the staff of a potential walk-in for a mental health assessment.