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Employee Assistance Program

An Employee Assistance Program is a multi-faceted program to assist employees in resolving problems before they take a toll on health, family life, and eventually job performance.

Avail Solutions EAP is there to help your employees and their families sort out the difficulties that may be causing strain and stress. Our short-term, solution-focused therapy program assists employees by clarifying the problem, implementing solutions, and monitoring progress.

If your employee needs assistance, Avail Solutions EAP offers a quick response from a professional counselor, off-site counseling and access to a crisis line 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Services are confidential. No identifying information concerning utilization or emotional issues will be released without prior written consent.

What are the Employer benefits from Avail Solutions EAP?

  • No cost to employees and immediate family members
  • Assists with policy development, employee education, and supervisor training
  • Provides a resource for supervisors and managers who feel an employee's personal problems are affecting job performance
  • Serves as an alternative to terminating employment; thus, saving costs of recruiting, hiring, and training
  • Decrease in accidents, Workers' Compensation claims, absenteeism, health benefit utilization, and turn-over rates
  • Assists in complying with drug-free workplace laws

What are the features of Avail Solutions EAP?

  • Availability of a 24-hour crisis line
  • Direct access to the EAP by the employee
  • Quick response in scheduling a counseling session and immediate response to a crisis
  • Professional counselors
  • Confidentiality for the employee who requests the service
  • Off-site counseling
  • Appropriate referrals to a specialist

What types of EAP are offered by Avail Solutions, Inc.?

  • Fee-for-Service Contracts: Payment only when the employees use the services
  • Fixed-Fee Contracts: Employer contracts directly with the EAP provider for a variety of services; i.e. counseling, employee assessment, and educational programs. Fee is based on the number of employees and remains constant regardless of the number of employees who use the EAP
  • Consortia: Generally consists of employers of smaller businesses who join together to contract with an EAP service provider. This helps to lower the cost per employee.

Remember that an investment in your staff will be a factor influencing the quality of work, productivity, attendance, morale, and retention of your employees.